We offer a complete range of health care services including Adult and Children's Health , Mental Health , Skin conditions , Women Health and many more

Our Mission

To fulfil Vision 2025 Pakistan, JeevaySehat will provide access to health for all. Access to quality healthcare in Pakistan is time consuming and major financial burden to the population.

Personal household family commitments, traffic, OPD wait time, all may take at least 5-6 hours before you get to see your doctor for just 15-20 mins. Cost is also an obstacle in quality care provided in Pakistan.

Follow up visits can now be done from comfort of your home.

Jeevay Sehat is an answer to all these obstacles, it will be a mobile consultant in your pocket. Jeevay Sehat will provide the best consultants in your city and you will also have options to select physicians from other cities , which will save you travel and time cost.

Jeevay Sehat will provide live video consultations with the best consultant doctors from anywhere in Pakistan to your home.


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